Harry Potter and the Entire Series

Recently I took upon the task of reading the entire Harry Potter series before the apocalypse, I am proud to say: mission accomplished. Starting on book two, I read book one a long time before, and finishing with Harry dropping his children off at 9 3/4, I was hooked. I slowly read through two through four but once I hit five it was full speed ahead. Breakfast became Potter and donuts. Lunch break quickly turned into Potter break. Dinner time involved a book and the occasional nibble of food. I finally understood what all the craze was/is about. Books done; movie time. After marathoning through movies one through seven, I knew what I must do: see movie eight in theaters.  And this is what I did. Great ending to an equally great journey. Who knew magic not done by David Blaine could be so fantastic. As Jay-Z says, “On to the next one”.

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