Downtown Atlanta: Where to go

Looking for some fun activities to do in Downtown Atlanta, well here’s a short list. A very short list. Hopefully, there will be more to come.

1. Top of the Westin (The Sun Dial restaurant)

With a 360 degree view of Atlanta, you can everything from Turner Field to Buckhead and, if you look hard enough and the weather is clear, your house. For a small fee, $5 or so, you can take the 71 floor elevator ride to the top of the Westin hotel in downtown Atlanta off historic Peachtree Street, or not-so-historic Spring Street – depending which side you enter from. I took my younger cousin, who’s 14, here with my girlfriend and thought it was well worth the money. They have telescopes throughout the upper deck of the restaurant that rotates during your meal so you can look into buildings and offices nearby, at least that’s how we used them. I could actually see into my apartment which is about 10 blocks away from the Westin; pretty cool.

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