College Marching Band

College Marching Band

Making the transition from high school marching band to the collegiate level was not only simple but extremely rewarding. Coming from a pretty good high school program, my section consisted of 9 or 10 trombone players of various skill levels. Fast forward to Fall 2009, the Georgia Tech marching  band, which I participated in for 2 seasons, had 42 trombones most of which had some chops! That’s an insane amount of players!

My audition went really well since I prepared ahead of time – last time I did that – and made first part. The first show of the season was incredibly difficult, especially for the vets who stopped caring years ago. Who marches in 9/8? Chris Moore does, that’s who.

I traveled with the band on numerous occasions.I traveled to Vanderbilt – their stadium is as big as a high school stadium but gets even less fans at the games. I went to FSU for a game, then Tampa for the ACC Championship, followed by Miami for the Orange Bowl. All for free and I don’t even pay student fees for Tech. These trips were just the first season! The second season I didn’t travel as much and the football team wasn’t as great but band stayed as fun.

I know this isn’t the most thought out post but I thought I should give it a try anyways. This is the first season in the past 6 years that I haven’t participated in marching band. Hopefully I’ll attend at least one GT game this year to see the show.

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