Favorite places to eat: Georgia State University

Being a college student I know I should really focus on saving my money and packing my lunch to develop better life skills for when I’m older blah blah blah. Downtown Atlanta, particularly Broad Street, is home to some pretty grood (great + good) restaurants. I single-handedly keep these restaurants in the green by the mass amounts of money I pour into them every semester.

In no particular order, we have:

ROSA’S PIZZA has the feel of a New York pizza style establishment complete with the dirty floors and long lines. Their pizza slices are pre-made but freshly topped and reheated in their giant oven. The line moves quickly and there’s generally enough seating if you’re willing to share a table or steal some seats. Deliciously greasy pizza coupled with $0.25 ranch dressing makes for a party in my mouth. My taste buds are like, “What? Rosa’s?! OMG ! Yo taste bud bro! We eatin’ Rosa’s! Holla.” Yeah, my taste buds grew up in a 21st century frat house and have the vocabulary of a cell phone commercial; I don’t get it either.

WEEKDAY CAFE knows my order. Cheese burger meal with everything on it and a drink. $6.40. I’ve oft been tempted to order something different but this is the only cafe that recognizes me and my order – I can’t risk changing it. I will forever be eating this delicious cheese burger and those fresh french fries until the sad day I leave Atlanta. The owners are an aging, bickering asian couple but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I highly recommend this culinary experience for anyone interested in an affordable place to eat with countless options. I think they have 45 items on their lunch menu but I can’t quite remember as the only I’ve looked at it was when I ordered my first cheeseburger.

DUA has a great domain name: http://YouGotPho.com/. Too good and so is their food! If you’ve never had pho (fuh), don’t feel bad.”Pho is a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup dish. Consisting of beef broth, choices of meat, topped with green and white onion and a side of herbs and vegetable, added fresh to the dish.” (Menu) Really tasty and filling. I tend to mix it up here and either get the House Pho or one of the Mi Xao dishes; both are excellent choices. The owner’s are very friendly and one of my friend’s has a crush on cashier lady so you know this is a good place. (That’s really bad logic…).

MAMA MIA’S saved me from starvation and the pits of Landmark Diner. Thank you kindly. Mama Mia’s is a relatively new addition to the Broad Street area but its theme is well tested and proven. I think it’s owned by the same people who run Goodfella’s over by Georgia Tech but that may be permanently closed. (Rumor link). Mama Mia’s serves a gamut of Italian food including pizza, chicken parmesan sandwiches, chicken wings, burgers and much more. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop for food. They’re open late too which is great for when I lose track of time and skip dinner.

Where do you like to eat on campus? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Noni’s Deli down on Edgewood is excellent! They serve authentic Italian food and have a great bar. The menu is pretty small, but of the things I’ve had, there is nothing I’ve disliked. If you go, definitely try the Lasagne! You can tell that they make their noodles from scratch and that love for food goes into every dish!

    Also down on Edgewood, inside Sweet Auburn Market, is Grindhouse Killer Burgers. Best burger I’ve ever had (and I work in a burger restaurant!). It’s only open until 3, Monday through Saturday, but the price and the quality of the food is outstanding!

    1. I’ll definitely try Noni’s Deli! At the time of this writing I hadn’t tried Grindhouse Killer Burgers but quickly resolved that. I’ll gladly clog my arteries with their Cowboy burger and a side of chipotle ranch. Thanks for the comment!

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