Favorite places to eat: Georgia State University 2

Being a college student, I posses no culinary skills and remain hungry all day long; ergo I try restaurants on campus. This is the second edition of the oh-so cleverly named Favorite Places to eat: Georgia State University. In the first edition, we visited a pizza place, a Vietnamese restaurant, an American joint and an Italian themed diner. Liking diversity, I picked some more restaurants to talk about with no theme in mind.

In no particular order, we have:

HUNKY DORY is a small shop right outside of Aderdold Learning Center. I’ve only ordered two items from here, both with a common theme: sesame seed bagel. This bagel is so good. How good is it? This bagel is so good that Chuck Norris demanded we call it the Chuck Norris of all Bagels. He’s going loopy in his old age. But ordering this bagel is the sanest decision you’ll make all morning. It’s a little breadier than your average DnD bagel but when it’s toasted with a little bit of cream cheese it will consume your thoughts until MGS 3400 is over. True story. I’ve also ordered a toasted turkey sandwich on a bagel and thoroughly enjoyed it. A nice bagel and some some classical music, I think it’s the only cd the owners own, and you have Hunky Dory in a nut shell.

THINK SUSHI, a Japanese owned and operated restaurant on Broad Street, is a place I’ve never thought about ordering sushi in, although I hear it’s good. I love their teriyaki chicken plate meal thingy. Really tasty and just the right amount of food. Good clean flavors, like I even know what that means, and moderately priced. The owner is friendly and the restaurant is really clean. Always a pleasure to eat here.

SUN PARK CAFE is located inside the SunTrust building across from Woodruff Park off Auburn Ave. I’ve had their burger and salad here. The burgers is big and greasy so you know it’s delicious. Their salads come with the option of 15 topppings. A little excessive but if you really want cucumbers, pine nuts, cheese, croutons, onions, jalapenos and more, you can! Their service on the burger side is a little slow but the salad dude has it down to a science – Saladtology to be exact.

JIMMY JOHNS had me hyped when I saw the Coming Soon sign in the window a 1.5 months ago. I am pretty amazed how fast they renovated the old Bruster’s and were up and running. The food is delicious and their bread is heavenly but the service is meh. A little disappointed by the cashiers there. Maybe I always get the same person but on a scale of 1-10 their personality is 2. Hey, maybe I’m expecting too much from the guy who types #7 into a cash register but I would like a little more effort. Maybe take your hood off while working would help. In summary: Sandwiches = 10, Service = 2.

Where do you like to eat on campus? Let me know in the comments below!

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