Thanksgiving Break: Universal Studios / Islands of Adventures

Had a really great time this weekend in Orlando, Florida visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Tried Butterbeer in Harry Potter World for the first time! Tasted exactly how it should. Yum!

Below are some pictures I took from my Samsung Focus.

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Yes, that was Hogsmeade and the Three Broomsticks. They converted Dueling Dragons into the Tri-Wizard dragon portion of the tournament.  The Sorting Hat was chilling inside the Harry Potter ride where you ride a broom stick. We ate dessert at Ghiradelli in Downtown Disney after finishing dinner in Planet Hollywood.

We stayed at Maingate Lakeside Resort. $39 a night; not really a resort. Maybe back in the 50’s it was bumping but now a days it does well to stay in business. But for a place we only slept at, it was worth the under $40 price, especially on a college budget.

*I’m no photographer!

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