Value Creation through QR Codes

What is it and where did it come from?

A QR Code, or a Quick Response Code, consists of black modules arrange in a square pattern on a white background that can be interpreted by barcode readers and smartphones. Originating in Japan, this technology started off on manufacturing parts for easier assessment but quickly turned commercial and found its way into the public sector. All users must do is scan the code into their phone by using the camera and an action will be performed based off the code’s information. Ex: Taken to a website, virtual business card, brought to surveys or videos, form text messages, make phone calls, etc.

How is it leveraged?

Slowly gaining popularity outside of Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands, QR Codes have proven themselves intriguing and engaging to younger audiences. Many companies are placing QR Codes next to magazine advertisements or in product packaging with the intent of engaging their customers, modern day marketing. Some of these marketing tactics bring customers to online surveys or raffle drawings – even both – a great way of gathering statistics on their more tech savvy consumers purchasing the product.

How can your business leverage it?

Going the “traditional” route of QR Codes is a simple way of tracking the more technology savvy consumers by having them input their information into an online raffle or for free product coupons. Whatever decision made about what to do with the codes, make sure the content engages the user. Bring them to a static page full of useless text causes the user to lose interest quickly and for good. But by actually involving the user enhances the experience and connects more closely with the user.

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