Graduation: Light at the End of the Proverbial Tunnel

I wrote this blog post in early February of this year, 2/5 to be exact. And as I look back at all the unfinished blog posts that never see the light of the “Publish” button, I felt this one is the most relevant considering graduation is in 8 days and I took my last test of my undergrad last night. It was open note and we had all the questions and answers ahead of time. No complaints here.

Since writing the post below I have found a full-time job and have started packing up my belongings. I will start with Accenture as a technology consulting analyst in the fall (date is still tbd) and will move to Lenox Park with the lovely Connie next week, leaving GSU behind. My summer plans involve working part-time and playing golf every Friday morning; trying to prepare for the C-suite life style. And, hopefully, more than a few Braves games.

I, thankfully and unknowingly, networked the heck out of college. I have made so many great contacts and even greater friends here. Georgia State may not have been my first or second choice but it was the right choice. I even got in the school newspaper for the final edition of the year! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for a job or want to grab lunch or want to play golf on a Friday morning this summer. I’ll be playing at one of these courses. Seriously. I need someone to play with.

Below is the aforementioned blog post:

I can see it! After four quick years at college, this undergraduate journey is nearly complete. As I type this I’m debating whether or not to email my corporate recruiter about my search for full-time employment. The email is even called, ‘Full time job search’.

Man. Can you believe this? On May 11th, I’ll be standing up with 6,000 of my closest friends/acquaintances/strangers/creepers and moving that tassel on the cardboard-structured cap for another time. Man, that’s crazy. College has been great. I realize I’ve been fortunate to have this opportunity and I’d be crazy not to have jumped on it. I am even more fortunate to have surrounded myself with a solid group of friends. My personal motto is “you are who you hang out with” and in my case I’m going to be too smart for my own good and playing awesome golf.

I’ve always enjoyed my time in school and these past four years are no different. I’ve experienced so many different cultures and ideologies at Georgia State, it’s crazy. With a school this large (33k+) and this diverse, it’s hard not for it to have an impact on you as a person. I mean who would have thought four years ago I’d be wearing business casual on a regular basis. Four years ago I didn’t own a single polo and now I order custom fit dress Just thinking about that made me laugh.

I may not be graduating with a 4.0 or going to law school next semester but that’s ok. I have friends who are so I’m not too worried about my legal future. An MBA may be in my future (4-5 years) but outside of that I think I’ll soak up as much IT and business knowledge as my little brain can handle.

I briefly, very briefly, thought about summarizing all the major events of my college experience but thankfully realized that was a dumb idea. I wouldn’t read it so why should you. But I will say this: On move in day a new door opened up before me; on graduation day a whole new world will open up and it’s ripe for the taking.

P.S. I just sent that email.

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  1. What made you choose that place to live? I’ve been working for a year now and am slowly, but surely, going to finally move out of my parents’ place.

    You are totally not alone in starting a dozen posts and finishing one. Or none.

    1. We wanted to get out of downtown and we really like the Brookhaven area. After looking at a bunch of places and setting a realistic budget, we felt Post Gardens is the best for us. Off the main road so not crazy traffic all the time and still within 5 minutes of the highway for when we commute to client sites.

  2. Nik!

    Congrats on graduating and your job offer! I’m so excited for you! But we must keep in touch and grab lunch sometimes since we’ll be working so close to each other!

    Enjoy your time in Europe!


    1. Ahn – thanks so much. I’ll be at GP until fall and I think we have some projects lined up together this summer. I’ll definitely stay in touch.

  3. Exciting stuff, Nik! I’m glad we’ve become friends. Please keep in touch. Looks like I’ll be at RenWalk another year after all.

    I’ve got 1 more final tomorrow. It’s tax. I think it was torture for this to be my last one….

    Best wishes for an awesome future!

  4. “On move in day a new door opened up before me; on graduation day a whole new world will open up and it’s ripe for the taking.”

    Haha, this is quality, Nik. Both metaphorically and literally true.

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