My Left Blank Tile: Life of My Android Screen

When I got my Moto X in August, I quickly devoured apps which Windows Phone 8 lacked. Even though I missed some of the functionality from WP8, I was very content with my switch to Android. Each tile was filled with apps and widgets, meticulously grouped and placed for maximum performance. Life was good. Then I dropped my phone.

The screen cracked leaving nothing but a dark void where apps used to illuminate my life. The cost of replacing the screen was almost the price of the phone off contract (which is how I initially purchased the phone). The worst part was the phone still worked. I would have been happy to be the guy from the T-Mobile commercial but no such luck.

Long story short, after buying a lemon of a phone off Craigslist and reverting back to my Lumia 920 for a week, I was gifted the Moto G. The Moto G is the Moto X’s slightly underweight little brother. He can do most of what the Moto X can but just isn’t tall enough yet to live up to his older brother. I’ve done by best to refill the tiles of my screen but the far left one has stumped me. It’s blank. There’s nothing there and I don’t know why. I’m having some sort of mental block. Please help. What should I use this side for?

* I tried to put the screenshots side-by-side. Depending which medium you’re using to view this will affect how you see the images.


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