Getting Lost: A Brief Introspection

There’s something about getting lost on a drive that feels right. Not knowing where you are almost feels dangerous. We could all use a little more danger in our lives. That’s what I love about Atlanta. I’ve had to use a GPS two miles from my apartment in an area I’ve been driving through the past four years. I’m like the Evil Knievel of joy rides. Next I’ll be jumping over buses.

I tend to get lost in thought when I write my blog posts. It doesn’t help that House Hunters is on. I don’t get HGTV at my apartment so I have to watch it while I am on the road for work.

Traveling every week has been interesting. The key to consistent travel is routine. The first week back on the road is always hard. About midway through the second week the routine begins to set in. I’ve got my packing routine together. My body begins to adjust to the time change quicker including my stomach. As I stay up later (going East to West), I have more time to kill, ideally becoming more productive.

Driving around and learning the new city is strangely rewarding. I feel like Lewis of Lewis and Clark the great explorers. Or maybe I feel like Clark? One dies early and the other one goes crazy. I should find new explorer role models.

During these explorations my goal is to get lost just so I can have feeling of danger again. That’s why Walter White really sold meth: the danger. He should try getting lost on a joy ride.

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