Hertz Rental Car History

Since last October I’ve been on the road for work on a weekly basis to Provo, UT. Our team has been rather small, so I have the privilege of renting a car every Monday and returning it every Thursday. I thought it might be fun to pull some data on all the cars I’ve rented since October. Due to some unforeseen administrative errors on my part, I can only pull data back to the beginning of December.

The administrative errors are as follows:

My first two weeks on the project I rented from Avis because it was four dollars cheaper than renting Hertz. Avis provides nicer rental car but their points system is lacking compared to Hertz. At Hertz you have to suffer through some low performance cars but you do earn rental points which act similarly to hotel points.

I thought of collecting this data back in April but didn’t have time or the desire to do any leg work until early May. Hertz only keeps rental history receipts on their site for the past rolling six months. By the time I started collecting some information all of November’s history was gone.

My initial goals for this post were much loftier. I wanted data on the color, the year and the make and model of the car. I wanted to get as detailed information as possible. I called up Hertz and the little old lady said all I could get was the information on the receipts. After briefly explaining to her how to run a SQL query, I gave up and did it the old the fashioned way. I downloaded each receipt separately and manually extracted the data into a spread sheet.

Below you’ll find my rental history along with a one worded recommendation per car and a brief comment. Enjoy!

[office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=B0837A1A97864FDD&resid=B0837A1A97864FDD%212128&authkey=&em=2&wdHideHeaders=True” width=”740″ height=”346″]

This is a dynamic document and will automatically update as I put more info in. So check back occasionally!

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