My Career: What I’m Up To pt. 2

It’s been a year and a half since my last career update. I had just changed internships within the same company and had a solid 5 months until graduation. Those were the days. I’ll cover some of the major milestones in my life since then with some pictures included. I tend to blog more about business so I figured one big personal update could be a nice change in pace.

Let us begin.

I interviewed and accepted an offer from Accenture as a technology consultant in March 2013. I was featured in the school newspaper for complaining about the Career Fair. In May 2013 I graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Good times. Connie and I moved into Post Gardens in Lenox Park to escape 4 years of being Downtown. As a graduation present my parents took us on a trip to Europe. Paris for 3 days, then a river cruise on the Danube. You can see the pictures HERE. I was the youngest person on the boat including the crew. I also bought a car. Pictures HERE.

I continued at my internship over the summer while I waited for my big boy start date. Come August I was a little bored and decided to leave my internship early and just live off my savings until my job started. What I thought would be two weeks turned into 6 weeks. Oops. Close to pulling my hair out, I got a gym membership and started lifting every day and eating protein like these guys. I put on about 10-15lbs over those few weeks. It doesn’t sound like a lot but over 4 years of college I only gained 15lbs. Then I started my job and got lazy.


My first and current project is based out of Provo, UT. It’s a Salesforce implementation to replace the companies homegrown CRM. I had just enough Salesforce experience from my internship and working at my parents company to weasel my way onto the project. Also, the project desperately needed a warm body to gather requirements.

My role changed throughout the past 9 months with increasing levels of responsibility as I helped build and design the system. I am currently leading the build of a different business unit into our existing Salesforce instance.


On February 28th, I closed on my first home – a townhouse in Brookhaven, GA and we moved in the week after. Not to brag but I’m kind of an expert in moving. 1 truck, 1 trip. Our new home is a beautiful 3 story town home with hardwoods on the main and a 2 car garage. There’s even a pool but being the youngest in the hood makes it a little awkward come swimsuit season.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last 9 months about work and travel. I tried to document some of my “findings” on my blog. HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Below are some travel stats I just scrapped together:

Lifetime Stats:

  • Delta: 103,140 miles
  • Marriott: 104 Elite nights
  • Hertz: 23 YTD rentals

Donkey Braves

On May 3rd, Connie and I adopted a handsome miniature schnauzer from Furkids Small Dog Rescue. His name is Donkey Wong, although he has been known to go by the following names: Don Quijote, Donk Man 3000, Donk-a-ronk, and Donkster. Isn’t he adorable? HERE is an album full of his pictures and Tommy and Louie, his uncles.

Old San Juan

In late May, we took a 5 day trip to Puerto Rico over Memorial Day weekend, Friday – Wednesday. We only paid for 1 plane ticket. The rest of the trip was strictly on Delta, Marriott and Hertz points. We even got a free upgrade at the Marriott which put us on the 16th floor with a corner room and ocean view. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer but we only attempted a handful of activities. We soaked up an absurd amount of sun and in return I had an intense sun burn. We also kayaked in Bio Bay, hiked a trail in El Yunque rain forest and walked around in Old San Juan. This was intended to be a relaxing vacation and I think we accomplished that nicely. You can see a few pictures from that trip HERE.
PPP I spent the two weeks before 4th of July outside of Chicago at a work training. It was a really neat experience as the other analysts were from all across the US and all across the world. The group I hung out with had two analysts from NYC, two from Germany and one from Tokyo. One Global Network! HERE are some of the few pictures I took on the trip. It was essentially college but we were paid to be there. Also, a lot of volleyball was played. Pretty sure I’m going to play internationally soon.

So. Yeah. That’s been the past year and a half of my life. Hopefully the pictures helped keep this interesting. At this point I’d like to open it up for any questions.

Side bar: I’ll probably deactivate the picture links in a few weeks/months. No need to have a bunch of randos steal my pics.

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