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In an effort to subsidize the costs of WiFi at hotels many have taken to partnering with local newspapers. When a guest checks into the hotel and signs in through the portal with their name and room number they’ll be taken to the default landing page of the online paper. What a great way to learn about the community that many are visiting for the first time.

There’s one problem. Most newspapers highlight the crazy, weird and sad events of the day on their website. So whenever a guest logs into the internet for the first time they’re met with details about a double homicide instead of the kitten rescued by local firefighter.

Below are screenshots of the landing page from the past few weeks. Not really the best representation KSL has to offer. Maybe Marriott should rethink this partnership a little. Work is hard enough with having to read some of the headlines below. Enjoy!

Screenshots captured by @DMcCash.

What a warm welcome. Glad I’m here too, Marriott.
Well then. I’ll be sure to stay off the roads.
Woolen mill fires are the worst.
West Jordan born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days.
I can’t imagine the night he had before.






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