Lean Packing Methodology

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The Lean Packing Manifesto:

 We are uncovering better ways of packing clothes for a four-day travel week by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

  •  Function over form
  •  Overhead space over checked luggage
  •  Light weight luggage over clothing options
  • Planning over procrastination

 That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Lean Packing Methodology acts as a starting point for travel plans. It is to be used as a framework and guideline for business travel. Practitioners of the Lean Packing Methodology are encouraged to experiment and explore new avenues for leveraging the methodology while maintaining its integrity.

Lean Packing Methodology Checklist (Suggested):

Article Total # Breakdown Reason
Dress Shirt 4 Wear 1 on plane. 3 for suitcase. Business casual.
Underwear 5-6 Wear 1 on plane. 3 for suitcase. 2 for extra. Gotta stay fresh.
Dress Pants  1 Wear 1 on plane. Business casual.
Dress Shoes  1 Wear 1 on plane. Stylin’ profilin’.
Socks  5-6 Wear 1 on plane. 3 for suitcase. 2 for extra. Argyle.
Belt  1 Wear 1 on plane. Match shoes.
Athletic Shoes  1 1 for suitcase. No more excuses.
Casual Shirt  2 2 for suitcase. Relax.
Jeans  1 1 for suitcase. Relaxed fit.
Watch  1 Wear 1 on plane. Bling bling.
Water Bottle  1 1 for suitcase. Hydration is key.
Phone Charger  1 1 for suitcase. Juicin’.
Dopp Kit  1 1 for suitcase. Be clean.

Training Aids:

Please share the new and exciting Lean Packing Methodology with your fellow travel companions. As we grow, we will develop best practices for all genders. Together we can shape the future of business packing. Certifications in development. #LeanPackingMethodology

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