Blog House Keeping

I did a little house keeping of

  • Moved from using to and started self-hosting my blog. I use BlueHost simply because it’s cheap. Their CPanel allows for an easy WordPress install. The main reason for this move was to install Google Analytics and maybe Google Adsense sometime in the future.
  • Exported all my content from into an XML file and import into my new hosted blog. I didn’t lose any content (not that I’ve noticed, at least) but formatting for some embedded links has been lost. I don’t think I’ll fix them – at least not right now.
  • Chose a new theme for the blog. Not sure I love it yet so I’ll keep searching for a more permanent one.
  • Reviewed all my existing post categories and removed 6 categories. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a year now but never found the time/desire to do so. It only took 15 minutes. I want to be able to better categorize my posts into standard groups. Previously I would create categories at will with no structure or forethought.
  • Thinking about reviewing all my tags but there are 278 of them. This might wait for another year.

That is all. Go clean up your blog before the big Thanksgiving blogging season…

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