I’ve Made a Huge Mistake


I caught up on Serial, the fastest growing podcast in all of podcasting land, and StartUp, an equally addicting podcast series. Both series are addicting and I shouldn’t be held accountable for my actions. Ever since my more interesting girlfriend reintroduced me to the land of podcasts I’ve been listening to them. They follow two untold stories but in very different worlds. Serial is about a murder from 1999 with a lot of loose ends that don’t seem to make sense. Startup is about a former NPR guy’s, Alex Blumberg, journey to starting his own podcasting company and all the behind the scene decisions that you never get to see unless you yourself are involved in a startup.StartUp Podcast

Listening to Serial or StartUp is not my mistake. My mistake is more simple. I’m driving to Florida for Thanksgiving with my family, a solid seven hour drive, and now have no podcasts to listen to. How could I be so reckless? Why didn’t I start these series when I pulled out of my driveway instead of a week ago? Where was the warning label?

Warning: May Cause Binge Listening. Save For Long Car Rides.

Now all I have to look forward to is random country music and Jesus rock. If I hear Jesus Take the Wheel one more time I’ll turn off the radio and just sit quietly with my thoughts (looping through that Vine in my head).

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  1. Dude, reach out to me if you have podcast needs! I can hook you up with your fix.

    This American Life and Planet Money are related podcasts to the ones you mentioned that you would likely enjoy.

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