Sports Journalists Need Snapchat

Early in the 1st half of the GSU vs. ULL game, the Panthers were handing the Ragin’ Cajuns their tails. I followed along with Twitter from my couch refreshing my feed to get updates from @gsupanther, @gsupanthertalk and @DougRobersonAJC. 27-9 at one point in the first half this was definitely a game to watch but I didn’t have a clear way.

I’m the definition of a millennial and just wanted there to be to snaps of the game to go along with the live updates. Although the game ended up with the enemy taking the W, I would have loved to see some 10 second live clips of the action. I took to the internet and shared my thoughts. I even gained a favorite out it.

I’m not sure what regulations there are of capturing and sending video of a college sports game but it’s probably antiquated if there are. We, the people, want live streaming to our phones! The next generation of sports fans won’t be satisfied of just radio calls and live tweets, we want video on our phones. I really do believe that the first journalist that adds Snapchat to their arsenal will gain unprecedented loyalty. Throw some ads into your feed and now you’re making money from it.

If I go to every home game, I wonder if I could convince people to pay me to constantly add videos to my story of the game. It’d be like $5 to follow my snapchat. Any takers?

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