Flight Itinerary: Atlanta to Sydney and Inbetween

I had a bit of time while on the bench to dedicate towards some side projects. I chose to figure out the flights a friend of ours should take home after a 3 month rotation in Australia. She provided me with the cities/countries her and a friend want to visit and I spent a considerable amount of time on ITA Matrix piecing it all together. Let me know if you have any flights coming up that you need some help planning. I’m happy to get you started!

I avoided Malaysian Airlines and preferred Delta partners when possible but still mindful of the budget. I also tried to avoid unnecessary layovers and paid a little more to not have layover. I didn’t want to book a long layover in a foreign speaking country. I used this site to locate flights and prices: https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ this site to plan direction of flights: http://roundtheworld.skyteam.com/B2B/59b4201525155154701/TradeTool/en/Home/WelcomePage.

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