Stuck in an Idea Rut

I have a OneNote called “Business” where I store all of my startup/company ideas. I generally map out the business plan, store all my research and then share it with a select few for feedback. It helps me flesh the idea out before I spend a whole lot of my time pursuing it. I currently have 38 businesses laid out in the notebook; some good, some bad and some that already exist.

Recently, I’ve been stuck in a rut. After my Shark Tank themed birthday party, The Dog House, I struggled to come up with innovative ideas. I’ve been on two different projects at work since then which has kept my idle mind occupied. Only until recently, the past two to three weeks, have I started getting back into the idea-mindset. Hopefully, I can keep this idea sprint up before it begins to fade again. I think some blogging/self-reflection on this topic could help pull me out. The process of assessing my (and other’s) ideas is addicting and fulfilling.

Do you ever get stuck in an idea rut? Do you have a strategy to pull yourself out or do you just let it come in waves?

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  1. My idea is to spend what little money I have on travel while I am still on my feet. Probably not the type of advice you were looking for?

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