Five with Fiverr: My Fiverr-versary

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. via Wikipedia

Fiverr is a great marketplace where anyone can offer a service starting at $5. I’ve now used Fiverr five times so it’s my Fiverr-versary and time to talk about my results.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#0000ff” class=”” size=””]When it’s good, it’s great.[/pullquote]

Fiverr itself is just a platform; it only connects freelancers with buyers. I say this to point out that the variety and quality of services can vary widely. Just like any marketplace it lets the buyers and sellers rate each other in hopes of weeding out the low quality stuff. I’ve found that when it’s good, it’s great. A lot of folks supplement their income by freelancing on Fiverr and they take real pride in their work while others just want to make a quick buck and it shows in their quality of work.

Let’s look at all five of my orders:

I will help plan a vacation, honeymoon or backpacking trip to Japan for $5 Link

This was really interesting to me as I was attempting to plan our vacation to Japan that April. Unfortunately, the service was lacking.

Cost: $15.75
Turnaround: 19 days
Interaction: Lots of asking to wait since he was busy at work.
Results: Just a bunch of links in an excel file. Nothing worth $15.75. Very disappointed. Couldn’t use any of the information for planning the trip. I really expected an itinerary not just links to travel sites or research I could easily do on my own.

Write your creative biz bio Link

My “About Me” page was severely lacking and I really didn’t like what I had on it. I find it hard to write about myself which cause major writer’s block so I turned to Fiverr for help. I was really pleased with the results.

Cost: $5.50
Turnaround: 3 days
Interaction: Completed short questionnaire and provided link to website.

Ambitious, earnest and ever evolving – these are the trademarks of Atlanta based, technology consultant Nik Fuller. With an appetite for all things business and his fresh sense of humor, Nik embodies the “modern man.” Through his blog he demonstrates his capacity to learn willingly and grow freely but an uninhibited critical thinker – Nik translates his life and career experience into meaningful posts that resonate genuinely with the reader. His ability to rationally navigate complex life situations generated in a fast, unyielding market is well weighted with his appreciation and respect for the tradition and experience of people in his personal and professional community. The reading experience at is as real as talking to a trusted friend or family member; it’s what you are thinking about and dealing with plus some laughs to ensure you smile. Blogs are everywhere – but there is only one Nik Fuller and his blog is right here – welcome to

I will produce an industry standard LOGO design for $5 Link

I recently started a millennial-based market research company. I needed a logo for the new website so I spent 20 minutes looking at Fiverr services and finally settled on this one. When it comes to creative serves, I firmly believe in giving an outline but letting the creative types figure out the rest. I’m really impressed with the logo and the fact that it only cost my five dollars.

Cost: $5.50
Turnaround: 5 days
Interaction: ” I’m looking for a “young” logo but professional. Something clean. My initial thought is rather generic: a head with a thought bubble above it. I’m open to your suggestions, as I am not a designer nor work in that industry. This is a startup and I would like to feel that in the logo. Please read some of the copy on the About, For Businesses and For Millennials pages. It’s not finalized yet but it should give you an idea of brand I’m trying to create.”

I will translate English to Cantonese for $5 Link

In my effort to learn Cantonese, outlined in my I’m Learning Cantonese post, I needed to get 13 sentences translated from English to Cantonese. Instead of translating them to Chinese characters (since I have no concept of them) I needed them in English characters so I could read them. This turned out to be a “special request” and required me to order an extra gig, hence the price tag.

Cost: $10.50
Turnaround: 5 days
Interaction: Sent questions and requested them to be translated using the Yale Romanization. Found out it’d be double the cost and went with it anyways.
Results: The translations seemed right but I asked Quora to translate them as well and I felt better about those. I am not basing my learning on the Fiverr translations.

I will produce an industry standard LOGO design for $5 Link

Since I installed a WordPress theme I like I needed a logo to go with it. I’m pretty loyal when it comes to services that I like so I stuck with the same designer as my YThoughts logo. This time I worked more collaboratively with him and provided more upfront feedback.

Cost: $5.50
Turnaround: 5 days
Interaction: Provided more personal information about myself since it’s for my personal blog. Gave him some ideas about using initials and my image. The turnaround wasn’t as quick due to an issue with Fiverr’s infrastructure and him just being in demand. Still really loved the result. If you need a logo definitely contact him and let him know Nikl91 sent you.


Let me know your thoughts on my new logo! What’s the coolest service you’ve used Fiverr for?

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