Struggling to find centralized resources

Cantonese isn’t a popular language to learn and I’m finding a definite lack of free centralized resources because of it.

Duolingo teaches you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, and English by gamifying language learning. Did I mention it’s free? There are a bunch of language teaching apps on the marketplace like Duolingo but none of them teach Chinese/Cantonese which is my current game plan.

For those other languages there are countless resources online with vocabulary readily available just waiting for the student to start leveraging it. For Cantonese much of the language is spread out throughout the internet. A dictionary here, a few videos there. No one-stop shop, that I can find. I’m having to define what vocabulary I want to learn, find the translations, store it all and then start learning.

To be fair, there are some sites like Cantonese101 that contain centralized data but it’s hidden behind a paywall. Contrary to my normally pro-business beliefs, I don’t think access to a language should have to be bought. And for this I promise to do my best at centralizing all the information I collect on the way and to share it with others.

Edit: does a good job but it uses Yale Romanization instead of Jyutping. I can read both but jyutping is clearer and easier to move into digital flashcards.

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