25. What an age. What an interesting cross-section of life. It’s really one of those ages where you can finally tell a story and need to a quote a year that it happened. “Oh it must have been 2002 or 2003 when I first saw Return of the Jedi.” Before 25 every story only happened “a few years ago” or “when I was 12”. So strange.

25 years have passed by since the day I was born. While that’s a lot of time in the short-term, in the grand scheme of life it’s really just not. It’s really just started.

Say I live to be 100 (it’s easier math) then I have officially lived one-quarter of my life.

If life were like a road trip, and I’m headed to Ft. Meyers from Atlanta, then I’m only two hours into this trip. My gas tank just hit the 3/4 mark and I’m barely in Vienna, GA avoiding a speed trap. Sure I’ve seen a few accidents on the way, listened to a podcast and already started singing to myself while Connie sleeps in the passenger seat next to me but in reality we just hit the road.

If life were like a cell phone, then I’m at 75%. No need to plug me in for a while; you can keep snapping away.

If life were like a 4 paragraph essay, then I’m just the introduction. I still need 2 body paragraphs before I can even start the conclusion.

If life were like drinking a gallon of water, then I’m barely hydrated. My lips are still chapped and I don’t have to pee yet.

If life were like the Harry Potter movies, then I’m just two movies deep. Harry hasn’t hit puberty and Hermione is still saying levio-suh not levio-sah.

I guess this is one of those blog posts that I write for myself. Maybe to remind myself not to stress so much about not changing the world yet or not making the big buck. I’m not saying to slow down because anything can happen, I’m simply reminding myself to look around at what I do have and appreciating it a little bit more.

This isn’t some ground breaking topic. Plenty of people say these things but this is the first time I’m saying it to myself. And that’s the kicker.

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