What “Remind me” really says

“Remind me” is a phrase I tend to use at home, specifically when it comes to chores. It’s also a phrase I caught myself trying to use when I started exercising again.

What you’re really saying is, “I don’t want to be held accountable”. It’s a way of passing off responsibility to others without appearing lazy. You can now blame someone else if you don’t succeed or a task doesn’t get done. “Remind me” is a guaranteed out.

A few weeks ago I decided to take off 4 days from my exercise routine. I had been consistently exercising for 12 weeks, the most consistent I’ve ever been. But life had just gotten in the way of my 4 days a week workout plan despite my best scheduling efforts. Those pull ups had to wait.

I started typing up a social media post asking for accountability from a workout group I belong to. When I started typing “it’d be great if someone reminded me or bugged me in a few days to get me back on track” *poof* smoke started leaking out of my ears. Me getting fit wasn’t their goal; it was mine. And if I was going to reach that goal it’d have to come from inside of me not some external nagging force. I’d have to be the one to want to get back on track. I quickly erased the message and challenged myself to be accountable. 4 days later I was back at it.

I’ve since changed routines and am figuring out a new exercise regimen to take me through the next 3-4 months but I have been holding myself as the person accountable for my successes or failures.

I still don’t do all my chores; no one’s perfect! Sorry Connie!


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