I paid someone on Fiverr to write my About page. This is what I got:

Ambitious, earnest and ever evolving – these are the trademarks of Atlanta based, technology consultant Nik Fuller. With an appetite for all things business and his fresh sense of humor, Nik embodies the “modern man.” Through his blog he demonstrates his capacity to learn willingly and grow freely but an uninhibited critical thinker – Nik translates his life and career experience into meaningful posts that resonate genuinely with the reader. His ability to rationally navigate complex life situations generated in a fast, unyielding market is well weighted with his appreciation and respect for the tradition and experience of people in his personal and professional community. The reading experience at NikFuller.com is as real as talking to a trusted friend or family member; it’s what you are thinking about and dealing with plus some laughs to ensure you smile. Blogs are everywhere – but there is only one Nik Fuller and his blog is right here – welcome to NikFuller.com.

The views in this blog do not represent the views of my employer.

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  1. Nik,

    Came across this blog that had your name on it…how are you doing? I am of course “living the dream” at AssociationREADY these days but how are you? work? Connie? Give me the 411…

    John Sexton

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