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Multi-city Travel Itinerary (Template) – $10

Use this template to organize your upcoming trip. Know where you’ll be at each hour throughout your day, complete with flight information, hotel/hostel addresses and expense tracking. Great for multi-city and multi-country trips. I’ve used the template for a 10 day trip to Japan and a 6 week trip to Europe.

I also provide planning assistance for $50 which includes the Multi-city Travel Itinerary (Template).

DIY Wedding Planning (Template) – $10

Weddings get expensive fast. A great way to save on costs is to organize and track your expenses, guest list, vendor bids and gifts yourself. I developed this template while planning my wedding. You will be able to save thousands of dollars by doing much of the planning yourself.

Consulting 101 eBook – $5

I’ve compiled all my thoughts and consulting experiences over the past year into an easily downloadable eBook – Consulting 101 by Nik Fuller! Learn what it takes to laugh at your experiences and poke fun at the sometimes too serious world of consulting. Consulting 101 is perfect for anyone interested in this fast paced, point driven world.


“Consulting is a mysterious world full of beauty and ugliness. One where everyone is the smartest person in the room and airline status rules king. It’s important to take a lighthearted look at this new and exciting opportunity ahead of you. Whether this is your first week at the firm nervously enjoying life on the bench or you’re a seasoned veteran with the battle scars to prove it, this text aims to shed some light on the insightful, enlightening and humorous aspects of life as a consultant. This is Consulting 101!”

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